This past weekend Wes and I did a shoot for a local OKC artist named Ricky. We also took a few shots for his friends new clothing company. We had a good time, joked around and got some pretty killer shots in the process. Don’t forget to check out our facebook page for more up to date information.




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This past weekend Avid held the second stop of their north series at Dodge City Paintball. BANG BANG GTFO! walked away with the first place spot. Congratulations to them and all of you keep up the hard work. The next AES north event isn’t for a month or so but dont forget to book your spot for the next stop. Be sure to like us on facebook to see all the photos or head on over to our flickr page. Both links can be found on the right sie of the page.

We are currently working on a video from the first AES south event which should be up in a week or two. So stick around for that.



AES North #2-59 AES North #2-40 AES North #2-43 AES North #2-27 AES North #2-70 AES North #2-25

We would like to film future PSP events this year and to do so we are filming the AES series to save money t. If you are playing the Avid Extreme Sports Series and want quality photos and video of your team then book a spot with us today. The flyer posted below contains all of the info needed but be sure to check out our facebook for additional info.

Flyer Event #2

This weekend we are in Dallas at the DFW Adventure Park paintball field to film the First stop of the Avid Extreme Sports Race 2 series. We will be covering the AES north series all year long. Be on the look out for photos and video later on in the week.


DFW Day 1 WM-14